For the entire month of August, Ruffian will be eating and drinking along with the Homeric Odyssey. Beverage directors - Patrick Cournot and Alexis Percival - have curated the wine list to feature wines from the locations in the Odyssey - Mallorca, Sicily, Crete, Turkey, Sardinia, and Greece. The wine list will change several times throughout the month, encouraging guests to try wines they are not familiar with. View a sampling of wines by clicking the button below.



Chefs Andy Alexandre and Josh Ochoa will be offering a Roasted Lamb Feast to share ($45) - served with Homemade Pita Bread, Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Green Coriander, and a Celery and Cucumber Tzatziki. 


We will also feature The Wine-Dark Sea cocktail (created by our bartender Joe Kozlinski - former head bartender at Anfora) made with Tea-Infused Vermouth, Papari Valley Saperavi, and Cherry Syrup. 


The Odyssey will be a passport style event. Guests receive stamps for drinking a glass of wine from four different sections of the story. Once complete they can submit their passport to win a bottle of wine. One winner will be selected each week. 

While at Ismaros, Odysseus spares Maron, the son of Euanthes and the priest of Apollo, and his family. Because of this, Maron gifts him a “goatskin bottle of black wine”, some gold, and a mixing bowl. The wine was a strong and divine drink, as for each cup of wine, 20 times as much water was added to it to dilute it.
— The Odyssey