RUFFIAN is a cozy East Village wine bar and chef’s table focusing on Southern French cuisine – but serving all things soulful and distinctive. Ruffian is owned by Tabla alumnus Patrick Cournot and business partner Nick Fusco. They are joined by chefs Josh Ochoa and Andy Alexandre (also Tabla alumni) and sommelier Alexis Percival.

With a focus on Southern France, the highly curated wine list offers a broad range of delicious wines from thoughtful wine makers around the world. It is a dynamic list that offers 100 selections by the bottle and 15 wines by the glass. 

The food menu changes daily and features dishes like Lamb Crepinette with Buttered Turnips, Cornish Hen with Wheat Berries and Mushrooms and Marinated Mussels with Bruléed Aioli Toast.

"Ruffian is a sleek and powerful racehorse of a wine bar/chef's table.  The alabaster concrete bar and gleaming gold accents create an intimate atmosphere that is simultaneously fresh, grounding, and infused with energy.   A small, expert team of gracious pros mans the bar.  Sit back, relax, and trust them to do the work for you.  Prepare to be delighted by the soul satisfying wine and food.  (I devoured the chicken pie with horseradish and green apple salad.)  As the queen filly's jockey Jacinto Vasquez said when asked if it was hard to get in the lead at the beginning of races, 'No, Ruffian sets her own pace and gets there on her own.'" - Jennifer